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Dr. Hector is a published psychiatrist in south Florida, with a masters degree in Theology/Divinity from Trinity University. Dr. Hector focused on NeuroAIDS and HIV effects on the brain. Part of the American Psychiatrics association, Association of LGBTQ Psychiatrists, Florida Psychiatric Society. 


the photography years

I remember working for a magazine (which will remain nameless) When in the middle of the photo-shoot, the wardrobe stylist started to argue about a piece of clothing. We had been working for 9 to 10 hours at this point and just wanted to finish with this last shot. Honestly, I was over it, but she was not.


She went on, and on about this bra strap (I should write her and thank her) I just couldn't take it anymore. 

It was at that moment that I thought: is this it?

Am I going to spend the rest of my life worrying about a bra strap? Its funny because every person I meet is surprised I did this huge change. Friends would tell me, " are you crazy, photography is so cool." But honestly I wanted more out of life. The way you connect with people in a photoshoot is very different from that of a patient room or doctor's office. Nothing wrong with that line of work, its just that I realized that the fun and exciting photography world wasn't for me.

Photography did give me a lot of tools I didn't think I would use when talking with patients. It's more than medical knowledge, it's more than knowing that you passed your exams; when it comes to connecting with people at a personal level its just like doing hedshots. Gotta get up close.

I'll add more to this page later on, so for now, thank you for coming. I hope you stick around

Meantime, don't forget to check out my reading list below and catch me up on Instagram and Facebook . Don't be a stranger and write back...I love to hear how you got to where you are today and where you want to go next.

I was born in Camaguey, Cuba where I loved growing up, and migrated to the US at a young age with my family. I went to University of Miami for undergrad where i studied chemistry, exercise physiology and business administrating. After graduating I decided to study phytography and worked as a photographer for several years doing commercial and beauty photography. I really enjoyed photography and gave me a different perspective of working with people, I would spend lots of time talking with them to make them comfortable; and in the process I would learn about their lives. 


Where am I from?

Where did I go to medical school?

I went to medical school in the Caribbean, St. Vincent and the Grenadines to be exact. I got to go on catamarans every other month after exams and study by the beach. It also helped me understand how other people were and how they thought differently from me and really gave me perspective on life and the world. It was an amazing experience and the time I was there (though rough because of third world country problems) was one of the best chapters of my life. Not only for the experiences that I was permitted to live, but also for the people who were with me. Some people say that you make your life long friends in college...and although that can be true for some, I tell those people to make friends as you shape your career, because surrounding yourself with friends, will make your job a lot easier. I made great friends and I even got to adopt my first two fur babies...Tito and Tita. It changes your way of viewing others, it has allowed me to be more sensitive to the needs of others. 


In my home library

These are the books on my current reading list, and some that I really like and highly recommend you get a hold of

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